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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Delete Shortcut Arrows From Desktop Icons

This Works For XP, Vista, AND Windows 7.
Do you hate that evertime you create a new icon on the desktop, most of the time, you can’t see it because of that STUPID shortcut arrow on it! Well not anymore! All this takes is a little registry editing.

Step 1. Press on your keyboard the start key+ R. A box that says run will show up. Type in the text box: regedit

Step 2: It is opened, and a sidebar on the left will show your location. Click on the little arrow next to the folder that says HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

Step 3: A whole bunch of files will appear, scroll down to the L’s until you see on called lnkfile and click on the folder.
Then, the box will show files in it on the right, and even one that says IsShortcut.
Right click it, and delete it.
Go to your desktop, and right click it.
Click “refresh”.
Then your files that have the shortcut icons on it will not have them, if it doesn't works restart your computer!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot master, I don't like the arrow for shortcut. Please post other new tricks.

Anonymous said...

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