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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Change the administrator password from a limited account in XP?

Many people use computers with Windows XP and have limited users and they have forgot the administrator password, this article can help them find the password.

f you have forgotten the administrator password for the Windows XP operating system, it would be very hard for you to login and it might become a disaster for you, because you might lose a lot of information and it might take a huge amount of time to recover your critical information.

In here I am going to introduce two methods, with the least demand to know about the computer security systems,

Method 1:

This method has worked at least in 50% of the circumstances occurred to me,

A. Turn on the PC,

B. When reached to the login page, press Alt+Ctrl+Del buttons, A dialog box apears, in the "User name" enter: administrator and leave the password box empty, press ok!

If you have not previously set administrator password you can easily login ad\nd change your password

Method 2:

This method has always been successful for me! But to use this method you have to have a bootable Windows XP CD.

A. Turn on the PC and put the bootable Windows XP CD in the CDROM tray

B. Set the boot sequence in such a way that it checks the CDROM Device for first boot device

C. Then while the message: “Press any key to boot from CD" appears press any button.

D. When the Licensing Agreement comes - Press F8 to agree it.

E. Setup screen which gives the option to do a Repair or install a new version, press repair.

F. Wait the Repair finish the first step.

G. Then the PC restarts automatically, this time while system is booting, don't press any button to boot from CD,

H. Windows will start copying the files and after the copy, when the message "Installing Devices" appears in the progress bar press "SHIFT + F10" then a console opens.

I. You can now change the password, in the console type: NUSRMGR.CPL, a dialog appears, change the password

J. when the repair process finished you can login with the admin password.