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Friday, March 12, 2010

Add Music in Orkut Profile

Hi friends,
                Here is the simple trick to add music in your okrut profile.

Step 1 : Open your Notepad.
Step 2 : Paste this :- 

Step 3 : Save it as music.htm
Step 4 : Open "music.htm" in your browser
Step 5 : Goto Edit -> Select All.
Step 6 : Goto Edit -> Copy.
Step 7 : Open your New Orkut.
Step 8 : Click on edit for about me.
Step 9 : Paste there.
Step 10 : Save it.

You can't see anything when you paste on about me.

Change the Song:-
Remove this link :-
And paste the mp3 link of your favorite music.

Only mp3 files works.
Need music files with mp3 extension.

Websites for Musics:-

See this Orkut Profile :-

Need more help :-