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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How To Hack a Computer Easily using Script..!!!

Well you wanna hack,huh? This will however make a script kiddie..
First off you will need to download ProRat SE 1.9 (Clean)
Download it [Password: pro]
Download Winrar Also

Then follow the steps below:

1) Extract the file onto your desktop and place them into a folder
2) Open ProRat.exe , you will get a message, press OK
3) once you see the program, click the button CREATE
4) You will get another window, enter your email into the E-MAIL section ( you will need a real email)
and press CREATE SERVER.
Now that you’ve finished the hardest part, follow these steps below and you can get hacking.
6) Send the program to a friend, and make sure he/she opens it.
7) Check your email, (junk in needed), and find the “Your victim is online”
8) Copy and paste the IP address onto ProRat where it says “IP:[]“
9) Press CONNECT, DO NOT CHANGE THE PORT, if u did change it back to 5110
10) Type in the password (default is usually 123456, it is in the email).
11) Your done, now you can mess with the buttons on the program. Especially the GIVE DAMAGE button. It will damage their pc by format, and will make the computer useless.
I will not be responsible for your action, this article is for only education on how it works, and how to prevent it. Still need help?


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